Trying to Survive in THE OCEAN BLACK


All I have to say is that I hope there is more of Marco Garcia's "The Ocean Black".. this 6 min clip isn't enough for the deadman... "ME WANT MORE!"

Okay.. sorry for getting "primal" on you, but read the synopsis and check out the clip yourself.. and after you get done watching this gripping piece of zombie goodness, dare tell the deadman you wouldn't want to see more.

Synopsis: It’s been a week since Amber, Don and their young son Aaron barricaded themselves into their apartment. Seven days of family meals and board games while outside an epidemic has turned humanity against itself. Just the dead, roaming with their violent hunger, remain.

Now, as the family’s food goes scarce, they must venture outside to survive. The new dangers strike quick. A pack of undead nearly overwhelm them, killing Aaron in the attack. Destroyed without their son, and with no home to return to, the couple begin a journey towards a distant coastal town. It’s while traveling through these graveyard cities that a new nightmare emerges.

A perverse sense of survival turns Don into a monster, and Amber must find the strength to be truly alone.

via: VIMEO

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