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Was cruising one of my favorite sites.. "Think Geek" and was viewing the "What's New" and found these little gems that was too good, not to share.

Left for Dead - Boomer Plush
Price: $34.99

When we say this Boomer plush is detailed, down to the last bile-infected boil, we're not even kidding. Even his moobs are surprisingly realistic. TMI? Maybe. The Boomer is the first in a series of Left 4 Dead infected plush designed by Alexandria Neonakis, the artist behind the TF2, L4D and L4D2 holiday greeting cards.


He's spherical, in an unlucky 13" x 13"! He belches! He is covered in tumors! But considering all that, he looks pretty happy and is a healthy shade of pink. Squeeze the wart on his right hand and he'll reward you with one of 10 in-game Boomer sounds from Left 4 Dead 2. Which gurgle, burp, or vomiting sound will you get next? Introducing the plush version of the Boomer special infected, complete with 10 in-game Boomer sounds from Left 4 Dead 2. He'll soon be joined by other plush special infected to wreak havoc upon your toy collection!

Product Specifications

  • Plush of the Boomer infected from Left 4 Dead 2
  • 13" by 13" - he's big and round!
  • Squeeze his hand for disgusting sound effects
  • 10 in-game Boomer sound effects from L4D2
  • Designed by Alexandria Neonakis
  • Requires 3AAA batteries, not included

Glow in the Dark Zombie Mug

Price: $9.99

We have a thing against light here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ. The overhead fluorescent lighting in our office only gets turned on when one of two things happen: 1) Officials from the mothership are visiting. (We're extra sure to wear pants those days, too.) 2) The cleaning crew for the office park has arrived and needs to SEE the dust in order to clean it. Other than that, we'll take our darkness, illuminated only by the glow of our monitors and maybe some LED toys.


If you're someone who enjoys the darkness like we do, or leaves for work at a time we refer to as the buttcrack of dawn, you may just need a glow-in-the-dark mug! Also excellent for people who may or may not be zombies. (We won't blow your cover. Just don't eat us, okay?) If these particular zombies look familiar, it's because you see them in the background of this very website every time you visit. Now you can have a bit of ThinkGeek with you, glowing and friendly, all the time. So comforting.

Product Specifications

  • background zombies - on a mug!
  • Glows in the dark, for drinking in poor light
  • Integrated handle included at no extra charge
  • Holds 11 oz of your favorite beverage
  • Braaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinz

Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure
Price: $14.99

Everyone thinks zombie's are scary - but no one has really given a lot of thought to zombie variations. Think about it. What if, now just what if zombies retain some skills of the living body they have reanimated? Even if they did for a short time, it's a frightening proposition. Zombie football players might be able to run super fast (or throw heads really far); zombie car salesmen might be able to get you a "great deal" before they eat your brains; and zombie ninjas - oh goodness - zombie ninjas would be able to sneak up on your and chop out your brains without you ever knowing. And this is why we had to have the Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure made - to celebrate this truly horrific concept.


Each Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure is loaded with ripped-off-face glory, blood splatters, and general indications of ninja zombie mayhem. Also included is a zombified katana. How do we know it's zombified? Well, it's owned by a zombie - duh! One look at our Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure and you'll want to get one to spread the plague around the rest of your collection. The Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure - created just for us, just for you, just for ninja zombie infestation.

Product Specifications

  • A cute, undead-ninja, artsy action figure just for you.
  • Articulated at the shoulders, thighs, and a ball-jointed head.
  • Also has its own katana - that's right, a weapon in the hands of a zombie!
  • Limited edition: only 3000 pieces!
  • Dimensions: 6" tall.

Build-a-Zombie 2011 Paper Craft Calendar
Price: $14.99

Why do we like zombies so? Let us count the ways. Better yet, let us write down the ways we like zombies on days corresponding to the reason we like zombies. Like this: zombies don't like going to work - well, we'll write that on every Saturday; and: zombies love eating hearts - so, we'll write that on February 14. Hey, while we're at it, why don't we write it on our new Build-a-Zombie 2011 Paper Craft Calendar? But this just isn't any ordinary calendar. No sir. It features a different zombie design each month - with a paper craft version for you to build!


So, the Build-a-Zombie 2011 Paper Craft Calendar is a whole year of zombie fun. You can build one zombie per month and have a horde at the end of the year. OR, you can build them all at once and start your horde early. You won't have anything to look forward to building, but you will be able to start world domination sooner. Oh the decisions! Either way, you'll have fun in planning 2011 and building zombies once you snag yourself a Build-a-Zombie 2011 Paper Craft Calendar!

Product Specifications

  • Each month features a different zombie design - and a corresponding paper craft zombie for you to cut out and construct.
  • Integrated folder holds the zombie sheets until you are ready to build.
  • Many holidays are already listed on their corresponding dates.
  • Tools Needed: Scissors and glue (not included).
  • Calendar Dimensions: 12" square (zombie dimensions vary).

Ten Little Zombies Book

Price: $8.99

Ten little zombies
Walking in a line
One stepped in a campfire
Now there are nine.

And so it begins. Ten Little Zombies is at its heart, a love story about two people trying to survive in this mixed up, wired up world of ours. Just kidding. It is a love story, but it's just about some folks running from zombies. One by one, the zombies get destroyed, and one by one the pages turn faster and faster as you speed towards the end. Ten Little Zombies is an emotional rollercoaster of a tale - one you'll want to ride again and again. Why? Because you'll remember laughing so hard.


The publisher compares Ten Little Zombies to Bunny Suicides, Edward Gorey, and Hallmark all having one mutant, little, love baby. That's pretty accurate. It's great to read silently to yourself, but even more hilarious to read aloud to children, undead children, guests, undead guests, etc., undead etc. Ten Little Zombies proves that love might not conquer all, but it still is our most powerful weapon against the oncoming zombie apocalypse. Because them zombies don't like hearts - they just like braaaaaains.

via: ThinkGeek
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