Resident Evil: Damnation - Trailer Inside


Resident Evil: Damnation is the CG sequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration which is a co-production of Capcom and Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan Co. Still not much in terms of plot details have been released but we do know that Damnation focuses on Leon S. Kennedy as the main character in the story.

The trailer has made it's way online and it looks bad-ass, the Lickers look pretty menacing, also there is a mysterious character that pops up at the end of the trailer, not sure who it is, maybe you guys know? Check it out bellow:

Resident Evil: Damnation is directed by Makoto Kamiya (Resident Evil: Degeneration) and produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Resident Evil: Degeneration, associate producer Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: Apocalypse)

The CG movie is set for a 2012 release, in 3D. 

Source: DreadCentral

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