A Serbian Film Finds a U.S. Home


Srdjan Spasojevic's controversial A Serbian Film will soon be making it's way to American soil, according to the guys over at DreadCentral Invincible Films are planning on distributing the film maybe as early as February 2011.

A Serbian Film will be heavily cut for an R rated nationwide theatrical release and also they will be showing the uncut version which will be shown in smaller art-house type theatres and it will also be released on DVD.

Invincible Films have a deal with Showtime to show the R Rated version of the film, not only that but it will be available on VOD and on your mobile device with a thing called FlixFling, because you can never have enough Serbian brutality.

I'm not sure why or how you would want that on your mobile but it's coming our way soon.

So if you haven't seen A Serbian Film yet, maybe as soon as February you will get the chance to see this controversial film which has made a very heated debate on our boards.

Is A Serbian Film a film that has gone to far? Will you be watching this when it hits the U.S.? 

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