You're Invited to THE REUNION


At the homepage for the film "The Reunion".. you will read the following:

Murder, Revenge, Family, Friends, Life, Death, Sex, Drugs, Violence, Cops, Crooks, Lawyers, Brothers, Sons, Daughters, Wives, Heaven, Hell, God, Devil, Pain, Suffering, Lust, Greed, Redemption, and...  ZOMBIES! The funny thing is.. out of all those words that help describe the film, only 3 stood out to me... Sex, Lust and Zombies. Everything else is a bonus.

The Reunion has been described as "The Wire" meets "Dawn of the Dead".  From writer C.B. Kaczor and Director/Screenwriter Jeff Stewart comes a film which exhibits characteristics of crime drama, suspense, and zombie thrillers. 

Currently in production, "The Reunion" stars actor Kirk Ponton who has done notable work in crime dramas.  The film also stars Chase Toretto and Ronnie Armani.  "The Reunion" is a compelling tale of the human tragedy of a life of crime, followed by redemption and betrayal.  Further pressures are placed on the characters by an unforeseen event, a zombie outbreak. 

Directed by Jeff Stewart, The Reunion is slated to be released this winter.

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