'Battle Royale 3D' Art Inside


Battle Royale is such an awesome movie and is one of the widest selling movies that have ever graced from Japan. So it's no wonder they have opted to re-release this in 3D as it's just an easy way of money. 

I'm just left confused and scratching my head, what is the point in converting this into 3D? In my opinion it will add nothing to the movie, how about they just re-release the original Battle Royale in theatres, no 3D needed.

Sadly the director of Battle Royale Kinji Fukasaku passed away in 2003 but his son Kenta Fukasaku is overseeing the 3D post-conversion through the production company Fukasaku-Gumi. Check out the art below:


Check out the trailer below:

Battle Royale 3D is released in Japan on November 20, 2010.

Source: B-D

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