Are You Ready for 'The Social Media Massacre'?


The Social Media Massacre comes from writer & director Ron Purtee, and follows Sam who is a mid-western web designer who struggles with being alone. Sam creates a series of Vlogs and reveals his psyche and we witness the becoming of a psychopath.

The Social Media Massacre is written and directed by Ron Purtee and Stars Charlie Bussian and Sasha Corrigall and produced by Tom Jensen, Ron Purtee and Charlie Bussian.

This short is awesome and Purtee has created something truly amazing, the Social Media Massacre is chilling to say the least and takes us into the world of social networking in which most or nearly all of us use on a daily basis.

Anyway check out the short below and see for yourself:

For more information head on over to their official website.

Source: DreadCentral

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