AWP Picks Up 'One by One: Death's Door'


American World Pictures (AWP) have recently announced that they have picked up the rights for One by One: Death's Door from Mad Crapper Films which stars genre legend Tony Todd!

One by One: Death's Door is written, directed & produced by Kimberly Seilhamer and stars Tony Todd, Douglas Tait, Sally Kirkland and Chris Bruno  

Synopsis: "When a group of teens set out on a field trip to a railroad museum, they encounter ‘Railroad Jack’, who makes sure their bus crashes and they are forced to explore Railroad Jack’s carnival, where the reaper “picks” them off one by one."

A new slasher film starring Tony Todd and involves some dude called Railroad Jack, sign me up for this one, we could have another icon on our hands. Sadly there are no images from the film as of yet but stay tuned as I'm sure they will begin to flood in.

Source: DreadCentral


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