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Capt Howdy

Welcome to Howdy's Hot Seat, the quiet little corner where we have a chat and let the rest of the world find out a little bit about one of our valued site members. It's just a few simple questions about their favourite subject, horror. Our first sucker,I mean generous volunteer is the big boss man Meh himself. Thank you for sparing some of your precious time Meh, I know how busy the midget smuggling business keeps you.

So on with the interrogation, I mean friendly interview.

Let's start with an easy one. What are your 3 favourite horror films and more importantly why are they your favourites?

Picking my top 3 is impossible since I have watched well over 1000 movies. I will instead give you three films from different 'walks of horror' that I love. Army of Darknesss because it stars Bruce campbell and is one of Sam Raimi's best films. For me it stands out as one of his best, even over Evil Dead, for the comedy factor and great writing. Martyrs is another top film for me because its one of the few that scarred me for life and forced me to fast forward through sequences. Lastly another top rated film for me is FEAST. Violent, gorey, well written and hilarious. FEAST like Army of Darkness is a movie I have seen at least 30 times.

What would you say is the biggest draw of horror? Why do you like horror films?

Horror films are a big draw for me because it's the genre where filmmakers are not afraid to be creative, break the mold and leave a mark on the audience. Hollywood movies, as a rule, are unimaginative drivel, including the majority of the horror remakes we see, but a lot of genre horror directors deliver experiences you cant get anywhere else. While people praise James Cameron for Avatar I instead praise Toby Wilkins for his work on Splinter and Michael Doughtery for Trick R Treat. Horror appeals to me because you never know what you are going to get but, 9 times out of 10, you know you will be entertained.

What don't you like about the horror genre? Don't say nothing, there's always something that bugs even the most rabid fan ;)

What I dont like about the genre is studios that put high profile directors names on absolute crap just to get us to buy it. Produced By.... does not mean it was written, directed or developed by that person. A lot of really shitty horror movies have come out under the banner of a popular filmmaker to line studio pockets and, in my opinion, trick horror fans who dont do their homework.

What keeps you sticking around this wonderfully insane website? Is it the people? The articles? The free beer and Cheetos that are always promised for tomorrow?

The free beer clearly. It's the readers. I built this site because I love horror and over the years, since I launched it in 2005, I have learned so much about the genre from people like MovieMaven, Luke, Deadmanwalkin, Suspiria_89 and dozens of other readers, who submit reviews and open my eyes to genre films that I might not otherwise watch. Case in point Goon got me into foreign horror, which at one time I had never given a chance, and as you all just saw one of my favorite horror films is now the French film Martyrs.

Every film fan has a movie that they like but nobody else seems to have heard of. What's yours? Why should we try and find it?

Dead Girl is a favorite movie of mine that not many people have heard of and, as mentioned, Toby Wilkins SPLINTER is a good one which I dont think mainstream horror fans have ever heard of.

I know we're being inundated with remakes and we all have some complaints about them but if you could remake any  horror movie what would it be? Who would you cast in it, direct it ,etc ? Come on let us hear about your dream remake, you'd be in complete control. Would it be a shot for shot or a reboot?

Not horror, more apocalyptic but I am really keen to see Escape from New york remade and the studios are working on it. I would like them to cast an unknown star, give Kurt Russell a cameo and as for the director I think a great choice would be Bryan Singer but ONLY if Christopher McQuarrie writes it. Christopher wrote The Usual Suspects and The Way of the Gun, two of the greatest crime thrillers ever made. I would love to see him take a stab at it.

While we're on the subject of remakes, which horror film do you think needs to be remade just because they got it wrong the first time? Why? Where did they go wrong?

I can honestly not think of any remakes they need to make again because they ruined a potentially awesome remake. The worst remake I have seen in recent years is probably the remake of Children of the Corn that SyFy did which really could be improved in a lot of ways. Fortunately the Weinsteins have their own remake planned and I am sure they can do better then the SyFy Original Movie.

Lets get to the good stuff. Your dark side. What's your guilty secret horror movie? The one you know you shouldn't like but just can't help watching over and over again.

As for movies people hate but I, for whatever reason, love two are Ghosts of Mars and House of the Dead. No idea why but both are great films to me in their own right. They won't win awards but they entertained me.

What's the worst horror film you've ever seen? You can take this one how you will. Worst as in most horrific or worst as in just downright terrible.

There are a lot of really bad indie movies I have seen but the worst non indie I have seen was Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark. That movie was so bad I think I would have rather taken my car for a drive, in the garage, with the door closed and my car in park.

And finally, before I unlock the shackles and turn off the mind probe, one last question. Who do you want to see in the hot seat next? You pick the next victim, errm interviewee.

Tough one. Our community is packed full of really cool people who are passionate about horror, so I would suggest somebody who doesnt write for the site but does contribute alot. The Divemistress is a great choice, Suspiria 89 is another and thedeadshallrule. I suggest you put these same questions to all three!

Thanks for taking the time to take part in this exciting new feature, it's the members of this site that make it so great. We couldn't do this without you. Have a cookie :)

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