'Bio-Slime' is Now 'Contagion'


Contagion previously known as Bio-Slime is John Lechago upcoming sci/fi horror film, and it looks awesome, it's being labeled as a mix between The Blob and Invasion of the Body Snatchers and check out the kick-ass effects, okay I may have seen a little bit of CG in there somewhere but almost all is prosthetic and it looks killer!

Personally I prefer the name Bio-Slime over Contagion, as Contagion is another word which is thrown around a lot in the horror genre but it's only a name and the movie does look awesome, so I can look past that. :) 

John Lechago commented on the name switch with Fangoria “We are making a point to include ‘John Lechago’s’ in the title—not because of my raging ego, but because there are actually a few movies out there called CONTAGION, including one coming up from Steven Soderbergh. Sorry, Steven!”

Contagion a.k.a Bio-Slime is written and directed John Lechago and stars Vinnie Bilancio, Victoria De Mare and Ronnie Lewis.

Synopsis: "A cross between the BLOB and Body Snatchers. Bio-slime is about a government Bio experiment gone wrong when the slime creature escapes it finds itself trapped in an art studio where feeds on the occupants."

Check out the poster and trailer below:


For more information check out John Lechago's official website and their Facebook page.

What do you guys think?

Source: Fangoria

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