Now Online - Official Trailer for Fear Eats the Seoul


The official trailer for first time director, NJ Calder's "Fear Eats the Seoul" has made it's way online.

Fear Eats The Seoul is the story of four ESL teachers who are in Korea when the country is struck down by a demon epidemic.  And the film picks up about a month into these surviving characters’ day-to-day lives hiding and hunting for food in the nearby apartment complexes.

Nadia has lived in Korea the longest of the four and was just on her way back to the States.  She is in a very frustrating place with the three other survivors who are unwilling to attempt escape as the days crawl by with no signs of rescue. 

But when they meet a Korean survivor who has been surviving on the streets, it becomes clear that there will be no rescue from either the US or Korean government. 

And from that moment onward it becomes clear they are going to have to fight for their lives or let the fear consume them.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with NJ Calder.  Fear Eats the Seoul is slated to be released Winter 2010.

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