New Poster & Trailer for 'Dead Awake'


I hate judging a book by it's cover, but this poster gives off a Twilight feel and has me already expecting the worst, but after viewing the trailer it's not as bad as I thought and actually involves some serious acting. It's still not my cup of tea but check it out below and see what you think.

The film previously known as Dylan's Wake is now known as Dead Awake and is directed by Omar Naim, and the film stars Nick Stahl, Rose McGowan, Amy Smart, Ben Marten, Kim Grimaldi, Brian Lynner, Justin Marxen, and James Serpento. Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

Synopsis: "Dead Awake" is a seductive supernatural thriller starring Rose McGowan, Amy Smart and Nick Stahl set against the backdrop of a mysterious tragedy that shattered their lives a decade ago and which sets them on a path to uncover the truth that lies between the living and the dead.  

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