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So here we are, once again, in Howdy's Hot Seat, the quiet little corner where we have a chat and let the rest of the world find out a little bit about one of our valued site members. Today's brave subject is eveyone's favourite moderator and dollmaker, thedeadshallrule. 

Welcome thedeadshallrule and thank you for taking the time to let us into your horror filled brain. There may be cookies at the end of the session. So on with the interrogation, I mean friendly interview.

Let's start with an easy one. What are your 3 favourite horror films and more importantly why are they your favourites?

Night Of The Living Dead  original, I saw this when I was a little girl and it really impressed me. It set the standard for Horror movies (for me) Halloween original of course...The Shape, the lighting, the music, Jamie Lee Curtis yes!! Laid To Rest ...this movie really impresses me, the special Effects are THE BEST I have ever seen.  When asked to suggest a Horror movie its almost always my first choice.

What would you say is the biggest draw of horror? Why do you like horror films?

 I was pondering this question just the other day. Good Horror gives me the same feeling as a good rollercoaster. " Controlled Terror" I will call it "Factor X", All the elements combined to make you feel" in" the movie, with all the tension, yet knowing it is just a fun ride and its ok to scream a little.

What don't you like about the horror genre? Don't say nothing, there's always something that bugs even the most rabid fan.

 SLOP, Having money to burn and throwing a movie together. There are SO many Indie film makers that have talent and are overlooked or not recognized, I really think it is a Horror fans job to shine the spotlight on the Indie film makers, get behind them, support them.

What keeps you sticking around this wonderfully insane website? Is it the people? The articles? The free beer and Cheetos that are always promised for tomorrow?

 I have learned SO much from all of the awesome members of this site. From movies I have never heard of, (Spider Baby!!!) To Darker sub genres, like (May, Roman, Otis) The community of Horror fans here are helpful, knowledgeable and enjoyable. I really respect them.

Every film fan has a movie that they like but nobody else seems to have heard of. What's yours? Why should we try and find it?

 Zombie Night, Canadian Indie, 2003 director David J Francis honorable mention goes to Evil To Kako a Greek Zombie movie. I love the zombie genre by the way:)

I know we're being inundated with remakes and we all have some complaints about them but if you could remake any  horror movie what would it be? Who would you cast in it, direct it ,etc ? Come on let us hear about your dream remake, you'd be in complete control. Would it be a shot for shot or a reboot?

Steven C Miller (my favorite Indie Director) mentioned a remake of Motel Hell. I like the original alot, but a remake could be made darker and "meatier" 

While we're on the subject of remakes, which horror film do you think needs to be remade just because they got it wrong the first time? Why? Where did they go wrong? 

    I can't think of any off hand.

Lets get to the good stuff. Your dark side. What's your guilty secret horror movie? The one you know you shouldn't like but just can't help watching over and over again.

Rise with Lucy Lu :)

What's the worst horror film you've ever seen? You can take this one how you will. Worst as in most horrific or worst as in just downright terrible.

Worst as in most horrific ~ Inside ~ A brilliant movie but very hard for me to watch it was viscera/extreme!!

And finally, before I unlock the shackles and turn off the mind probe, one last question. Who do you want to see in the hot seat next? You pick the next victim, errm interviewee.

Ahhhh I would love for you to pick the brainssss of Alien25 or Chainsaw80 or Wolfie :)

Thanks for taking the time to take part in this exciting regular new feature, it's the members of this site that make it so great. We couldn't do this without you. Have a cookie So that's it for this session, I'll be back next Friday with another insight into the mind of one of our members. Remember the next one could be you, so watch your inbox.

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