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Welcome once more to Howdy's Hot Seat, the quiet little corner where we have a chat and let the rest of the world find out a little bit about one of our valued site members. Today's lucky member is Suspiria_89.

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule Suspiria_89 we know those crocheted doilies aren't going to make themselves. The thumbscrews are oiled, the straps are all tightened and the red hot pliers are heating as we speak. So on with the interrogation, I mean friendly interview.

Let's start with an easy one. What are your 3 favourite horror films and more importantly why are they your favourites?

It’s really hard to narrow it down to just three but if I had to choose I would say the original My Bloody Valentine because I’ve been obsessed with the slasher sub-genre since a very young age and in my opinion it’s the most perfect slasher film ever made. It has a classic slasher movie plot, likeable and realistic characters, a highly memorable killer and the uncut version packs a pretty nasty punch when it comes to the kill scenes. Next up I would have to say Suspiria.

 It is not only one of the most unique horror films I’ve ever seen but also one of the most beautiful. The multi colored lighting and vibrant set pieces give the movie a twisted fairy tale like vibe and it features a phenomenal kill scene and one of the best musical scores ever composed. The third film in my top three would have to be Cannibal Holocaust. It’s one of the first films that ever shocked me and it's nearly unmatched it brutality. Plus it contains a very powerful message that’s still relevant today.

What would you say is the biggest draw of horror? Why do you like horror films?

I think the biggest draw of horror is that it gives filmmakers the ability to bring their darkest fears to life and I think the horror genre has the potential to effect it’s audience more than any other type of film.

In my opinion there isn’t another movie genre out there that can make it’s viewers feel a wider range of emotions. The horror genre appeals to me for mainly two reasons. The first reason is that well done gore FX never fail to amaze me and the second reason is simply because I usually find horror movies to be the most entertaining.

What don't you like about the horror genre? Don't say nothing, there's always something that bugs even the most rabid fan

The only thing that bugs me about the horror genre is the outrageous number of sequels that flood the genre. I don’t have a problem if a film has one or two sequels but it becomes annoying when they don’t know when to stop. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of sequels I love, but for the most part they suck. By rule they usually get worse and worse with every film and the only reason they exist is to rake in more money.

A prime example would be the Saw franchise that should have stopped after number three and I have a feeling that Paranormal Activity will be the next major horror film to spawn a large number of sequels.(I’m hoping I’m wrong)

What keeps you sticking around this wonderfully insane website? Is it the people? The articles? The free beer and Cheetos that are always promised for tomorrow?

As much as I love Cheetos the real reason I keep coming on to the site and contributing is because of the members. I have been on several horror sites in the past but is the only one I’ve stuck around on.

Of all the forums I’ve been on none have more knowledgeable, acceptable and friendly members than HM.CA. All of the staff members do a terrific job and there isn’t a better place on the web to discuss horror. Plus the virgin sacrifices we perform on the weekends are a blast

Every film fan has a movie that they like but nobody else seems to have heard of. What's yours? Why should we try and find it?

I love a lot of obscure low budget horror films but I have to say Home Sick is my favorite obscure indie film. It seems to have slipped under a lot of horror fans radar. If you’re into bizarre, extremely violent and gory slasher films I highly recommend finding a copy.

I know we're being inundated with remakes and we all have some complaints about them but if you could remake any horror movie what would it be? Who would you cast in it, direct it, etc ? Come on let us hear about your dream remake, you'd be in complete control. Would it be a shot for shot or a reboot?

This might come as a surprise to a lot of people but I would love to see Suspiria remade correctly. The original is obviously one of my favorite films but I would love to see it modernized. I would want Summer Glau to play the role of Suzy Banyon who was originally played by Jessica Harper. Summer Glau would be the perfect choice to play Suzy for several reasons (Think about it).

I would like for Pascal Laugier who directed the French masterpiece Martyrs to direct it and I would want K.N.B. to be in charge of the gore fx. It wouldn’t be close to being a shot for shot remake but I would like to see it pay homage to the original by using the original musical score and by keeping the multi colored lighting. I know that a remake is supposedly in the works, but I have very little faith that it will done correctly.

While we're on the subject of remakes, which horror film do you think needs to be remade just because they got it wrong the first time? Why? Where did they go wrong?

I think the 1971 British film Fright needs to be remade. The original is a decent film but it could have been a lot better. It has that classic babysitter in distress plot that we're all familiar with but it went absolutely nowhere with it. It has ton of potential so I would like to see it redone by a different filmmaker.

Lets get to the good stuff. Your dark side. What's your guilty secret horror movie? The one you know you shouldn't like but just can't help watching over and over again.

Two come to mind. August Underground’s Mordum and Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. Both are repulsive films with almost no plot but I can’t get enough of them. There both so shocking and disturbing I’m almost ashamed to admit that I love both of them. Especially August Underground’s Mordum. I literally had to take a shower after the first time I watched it because I felt so dirty.

What's the worst horror film you've ever seen? You can take this one how you will. Worst as in most horrific or worst as in just downright terrible.

The worst horror film I’ve seen is without a doubt the movie Night of the Dribbler. It’s a pathetic little horror/slasher spoof from 1990. It’s not even remotely funny, there’s no gore and it has one of the most annoying cast I’ve ever seen. I’m positive that the only reason it was made was to cause people misery.

And finally, before I unlock the shackles and turn off the mind probe, one last question. Who do you want to see in the hot seat next? You pick the next victim, errm interviewee.

I would either like to see Baby Firefly or Thedeadshallrule interviewed next. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one, both would give some very interesting answers.  Now where in the hell are my promised cookies?

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on horror, it's the members of this site that make it so great. We couldn't do this without you. As Thedeadshallrule has already been in the hot seat it wouldn't be fair to pick on her again so I'l just have to randomly select a lucky member to take her place. Have a cookie.

And so ends another thrilling installment in our wanderings through the minds of our members. I'll be back next week with another lucky soul who has been chosen to sit in the Hot Seat. So keep watching your inbox, because next time it could be you. Take a minute and go checkout Suspiria's Morguespace to read some of his outstanding reviews!

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