The Horror of Party Beach to be Remade?


Thanks once again to Avery for the heads up on this, anyone remember the 1964 B-Movie The Horror of Party Beach (Invasion of the Zombies)? It was directed by B-Movie maven Del Tenney who also gave us Zombie Bloodbath and Curse of the Living Corpse.

Anyway The Horror of Party Beach involved nuclear waste being dumped into the ocean which turns the crustaceans into humanoid monsters that attack the party goers on the beach, which happens to be a musical, classic stuff.

Well the guys over at Fangoria have gotten word that the actor William Katt who has starred in films such as Carrie, House, Mirrors 2 and the upcoming film Room & Board will be directing a remake of The Horror of Party Beach.

Katt told Fangoria “One of the things we’re doing here to pay homage to the original is, these kids are throwing a ’60s-themed party on the beach, and everybody is dressed in that style. They’re modern kids who are fans of that era, and having fun with it, but they’re getting killed at the same time.”

"...we’re borrowing from the the BP oil crisis and using that as the genesis: An oil worker is infected, and he becomes the monster.”

To read more what Katt had to say head on over to Fangoria.

A draft for the remake is being written by screenwriter Mark Litton and they plan on shooting in January or February in Florida and they are trying to stay true to the original movie.

I have to say B-Movie's don't get better than The Horror of Party Beach, but I'm intrigued how the remake will turn out, just please leave the CG and give me a rubber suit, that's all I ask.

Anyway check out the original trailer below:

What do you guys think?

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