FX Legend to Direct Horror Film 'Sideshow'


Thanks to Avery for the heads up, the FX legend that is Tom Woodruff Jr. (pictured right) Who has worked on so many genre films it's unbelievable, the guy has an impressive resume, with films ranging from The Terminator, Aliens, Tremors, Starship Troopers, Aliens vs Predator and everything in between. The guy has done amazing special and creature effects.

Now Woodruff turns his hands to directing with his feature length movie titled Sideshow. The Sungazette caught up with Tom Woodruff Jr. Recently who revealed he is scouting for a barn to shoot his upcoming movie and he may have found the place being Gary Porter's barn on Bloomingroove Road.

Woodruff kept detail's on his upcoming movie very scarce and only divulged a few things, mentioning that Sideshow would feature "freaks a doctor and some jolting surprises". Woodruff wants Sideshow to build on terror rather than gore and, he also wants the film to keep to a PG-13 rating rather than a Rated-R, as he believes you don't need graphic violence and language to make a movie scary.

They are hoping the film will be released in theatres in the weeks leading up to Halloween two years from now.

It seems strange to me that a guy who made a career for himself through special effects and graphic violence is opting to steer clear from that route. I guess as he has done it all before, simplicity is the route to a scary film.

What do you guys think?

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