Charlie Sheen to Cameo in The Walking Dead Season 2?


Yep, the Charlie Sheen of Two and a Half Men has apparently been confirmed to play the part of a zombie in one of the early episodes of season two of The Walking Dead, according to Socyberty.

Well where the heck did this come from? Well this being Hollywood and all, his publicist heard that Charlie Sheen was a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and they told one of the shows producers, who just happens to be a fan of Charlie Sheen's TV show Two and a Half Men, who then jumped at the opportunity to bring Sheen on board.

Now is this the start of things to come? Will The Walking Dead have an influx of celebrity cameos? Is this already the beginning of the end for the show? 

Well all I can say is, I'm a fan of the show, can I have a zombie cameo? No? 

What do you guys think?

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