Community Vote: Top Horror Films of 2010!


Voting is still open for the Top Horror Film of 2010! If you have not yet voted then the big question is why not? You can vote using your site account or by using your facebook or twitter account. So far with over 9,000 votes in it is one hell of a tight race with the Top 5 Movies all within 1% of each other. Your vote really and truly does make a huge difference. 

As of Today the Top 10 Stacks up as Follows for 2010!

  1. Piranha 3D - 74.8% Approval
  2. Let Me In - 72.96% Approval
  3. The Book of Eli - 71.75% Approval
  4. Machete - 70.75% Approval
  5. Predators - 70% Approval
  6. Shutter Island - 69.8% Approval
  7. The Crazies - 67.9% Approval
  8. Hatchet 2 - 66.67% Approval
  9. Frozen  - 66.32% Approval 
  10. The Human Centipede - 65.63% Approval

The way the ranking works is based on approval rating. So It means that in the case of Piranha 3D which is #1 that 74.8% of horror fans approve of the film. A ranking of 70% or higher is phenomenal since it means that 70% of our community loved the film. If you see films higher ranked then that it just means that its .... a must see! Its safe to say that on this Top 10 every single one of these films is worthy of watching.
To Vote for the Top Horror Films of 2010 go here and vote for every film you saw in 2010. Good or bad vote for them and have your voice heard in what we consider the best Top 10 of 2010 for Horror Films since YOU choose them!

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