Birdemic II: The Resurrection Will be Shot in 3D!


It looks like James Cameron's 3D epic Avatar may have some competition, as James Nguyen's sequel to Birdemic will be shot in 3D! Okay it may not be up to the same standards as Cameron's and maybe its not shot in True 3D, but its 3D none the less. What makes this even more awesome is Nguyen has crafted his own D.I.Y. 3D rig for the film, that is dedication.

Anyway SeverinFilms recently caught up with the writer & director of Birdemic !!: The Resurrection 3D, James Nguyen,  who revealed why he decided to go the 3D route.

"Because of the success of the cult sensation hit movie, Birdemic: Shock And Terror and the many requests from many Birdemic fans of the sequel, Birdemic II: The Resurrection 3D. Even more, I thought it will be really cool, even more “Shock and Terror” in 3D and more entertaining to produce the sequel in 3D. And lastly, the romantic thriller, Birdemic II: The Resurrection 3D has a great storyline that compells and motivates me to want to direct it!"

To read more of the interview, including how James Nguyen constructed his 3D rig head on over to SeverinFilms.

Birdemic II: The Resurrection 3D is written & directed by James Nguyen and stars Alan Bagh, Alexandra Forsythe and Lyle Drucker.

Synopsis: "A platoon of eagles and vultures attack Hollywood, California. Why did the eagles and vultures attack?  Who will survive?" 

Birdemic II: The Resurrection 3D is scheduled for a release in the fall of 2011.

What do you guys think?

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