Will We Ever See Halloween 3D?


Its been talked about for some time now, there have been rumors swirling all over the Internet suggesting that Halloween 3D is 'dead' and then somewhere else, the film is going to go into production this year.

So what is the deal? Is the film happening or is it officially dead?

Well according to the guys over at HorrorBid, a representative for the Weinstein Brothers has revealed that Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer have officially put Halloween 3D on hold, so they can focus on getting the remake of Clive Barker's Hellraiser into production.

Apparently Lussier and Farmer can't agree on what direction to take Halloween 3D in, so for now we won't be seeing Halloween 3D this year, how about in 2012? Or is Halloween 3D dead before it even begun?

What do you guys think? Do you think they should continue Halloween in Rob Zombie's vision or something more traditional? Or maybe throw a curve ball in, like with the original Halloween III? Do you guys even want a third Halloween film?

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