Lee Vervoort's Latest Project 'Warehouse'


We recently received an email informing us that Lee Vervoort who gave us Gun Town (2009) is set to begin filming his latest project Warehouse. Although details are scarce at the moment, the film is said to begin filming in February and I'm sure when the ball gets rolling more information will become available.

If you would like to help Vervoort with his latest project, head on over to their IndieGoGo page and help them reach their funding goal.

For more information when it comes available head on over to Lee Vervorrt's official website.

In the mean time check out the early synopsis and poster below.

"Without spoiling any major details, WAREHOUSE entails the story of a delivery driver who becomes involved in something he had no knowledge of to begin with. The problem gets worse when he realizes that he is trapped and may have no way of escaping the situation before him. Split decisions lead to him to results that he could have never prepared for."


What do you guys think?

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