Gareth Edwards Set to Take on Godzilla


It was announced a few months back that Legendary Pictures along with Brian Rogers had plans to release a new American 3D Godzilla film in 2012, but they had not acquired a director or screenwriter for the planned film.

Well, some of that changes today, as thanks to the Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, they have revealed that Gareth Edwards, the British filmmaker who wrote and directed the indie sci/fi film Monsters, is closing a deal to develop and direct Godzilla for Legendary Pictures.

Edwards will work alongside a new yet to be hired screenwriter, the original writer was David Callaham, so it will be interesting to see who they bring in to pen Godzilla.

Now the last Americanized Godzilla film made the legendary giant lizard look more like an iguana, now I'm not too clued in on Godzilla but it would be nice to see the lizard breath fire and hopefully this American version won't be a huge disappointment like the last one.


What do you guys think? Is Edwards a good choice to direct the new Godzilla movie?
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