Bill Moseley Will Play Charles Manson


Thanks to the guys over at B-D, they have announced that Bill Moseley has been cast as Charles Manson in Susanna Po's upcoming film Manson Girls, which is also set to star Eric Balfour, Tania Raymonde, Brit Morgan, Jennifer Landon, Chad Faust, Heather Matarazzo, Michael Monks, Laura Harring , Patti D'Arbanville, Estella Warren, Monica Keena, and Stella Maeve.

Thora Birch was initially cast, but for unknown reasons, she is no longer cast according to B-D.

In my opinion Bill Moseley is the perfect guy to play Manson, I mean the guy practically played Manson in Zombie's The Devil's Rejects, so I'm pretty stocked for this now, Moseley kicks ass at playing freaking psycho's!

Synopsis: "Manson Girls follows a young girl from a wealthy Malibu family who fell under Manson's spell. She was not one the "Family" members involved in the clan's infamous murder spree but was later imprisoned after she became involved with the Aryan Brotherhood and was convicted of being an accessory (after the fact) to murder."

Manson Girls is scheduled to begin filming this March in Los Angeles.

What do you guys think?

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