Joe Johnston Trashes His Own Movie, The Wolfman


The Wolfman wasn’t a great movie but it also was not an atrocious movie. Joe Johnston however is clearly about as unimpressed with the film as most horror fans were. He recently was talking about the project in what you could call less then flattering terms. CBM quotes Joe Johnston as saying;

I had three weeks of prep on WOLFMAN, a ridiculously inadequate amount of time to try to bring together the fractured and scattered pieces of the production. I had taken the job mostly because I had a cash flow problem, the only time in my career I’ve ever let finances enter into the decision process. Money is always the wrong reason for doing something that requires passionate devotion.

The production was a leaky, rudderless ship in a perfect storm suffering from bad decisions, infighting, reluctance of the powers-that-be to take responsibility, and too many under-qualified cooks in the kitchen. The good news and bad news about directing is that when the picture works you’re showered with all the credit and when it doesn’t work you’re dumped on with all the blame. Both scenarios are undeserved. I take full responsibility for THE WOLFMAN not working because it goes with the territory.

Why is Joe suddenly so interested in talking about how bad The Wolfman was? Because Captain America First Avenger is just around the corner and he wants to re-assure fans, critics and the studio that this huge potential franchise film will not suck nearly as bad as The Wolfman did in many peoples eyes. What did you think of The Wolfman? 

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