Wes Craven Reveals Some Tidbits On Scream 4


Fans of the original Scream trilogy I'm sure are salivating at the announcement that they may be making a second trilogy. No word on whether that is going to happen for sure yet til we see some box office numbers from Scream 4. Wes Craven of course decided to drop some morsels of information to Entertainment Weekly regarding Sidney.

"Sid is under attack," the director says. "She has a phobia - she's never come back to her town except for the funeral of her father. Now she's returning to a world that is sane again, and then, of course, immediately it is not!"

Sounds a little bit like Sidney is going to crack at some point in the next installment. We'll be able to find out when Scream 4 hits theaters on April 15th.

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