Original Mimic Ending Comes Online


Guillermo Del Toro's Mimic is a very solid picture, atmospheric, suspenseful, scary and with a really killer concept.  It's one of the few movies that you cannot see the production problems that occurred during the film.  The year is 1997 and Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro is making his English debut for the Weinstein company.  However during the course of shooting, Bob Weinstein ordered rewrites/reshoots/removal of scenes that clashed with Del Toro's vision.  It all ultimately culminated with him disowning the film entirely.  

Over the years (especially with the rise of specialty DVD companies) fans have been clambering for the Weinsteins to let Del Toro back into the editing room and piece together his version of the film.  It's been the butt of a well made April Fool's Joke a year or so ago; but Del Toro himself seems to have surrendered to the belief whatever footage he might wish to place back into the film is gone.   

Well, maybe that'll change.  Dunno how they got it, JoBlo got a hand on a low resolution version of the original ending to the film.  It looks like it was from an editor's print, temp score and unfinished VFX; but otherwise it gets the point across.  Is it better than the theatrical ending?  Let you decide.  But if this does exist, how much more footage that was excised still remains?  If he was allowed would Del Toro come and cut something close to his original vision?  Even if it was just a few minutes, I'd dig it; but just seeing the original ending will have to do.  

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