New Details On Dan Walton's Bind


You may remember awhile back we had been covering producer/director Dan Walton's film Bind. After a couple bumps in the road, which is just par the course when making an indie film, he is ready to go with an entirely new cast and vision. Everything we told you about before? Yea forget about it. Walton is bringing the goods this time around.

Just recently it was announced that Kane Hodder would be joining the cast alongside some well known names in the genre including Edward Furlong, Ryan Merriman, Emmanuelle Vaugier, P.J. Soles and Christa Campbell. Below you can check out the synopsis so far and the one sheet that was released. Also be sure to hit up the new and improved website along with their Facebook page.

A weekend getaway to a scenic winter wonderland takes a deadly turn when a group of friends find themselves pitted against the elements and a dark presence with a bloody agenda.


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