One Year Later, The Best Horror Films of 2009


2009 was a banner year for horror in my books. There was a ton of great films released to appeal to just about every type of horror fan and considering we just released the community list for Top Horror Films of 2010 I figured it was worth taking a look at what you all voted as the best horror films of 2009!

Since we launched our new ranking system thousands more of you have voted to it makes sense to me to take a look back. This is the first time that I can honestly say that I completely agree that every film on the Top 10 is deserving even if the order is slightly off on how I would have listed them. As of 5minutes ago 14,007 of you have voted ( and that number keeps climbing ) and here are what you all voted the Top Horror Films of 2010!

#10) The Lovely Bones: Directed by Peter Jackson and featuring what I consider a truly fantastic cast it tells the story of a murder of a young girl and how her family try to cope and solve the murder as she assists from heaven and tries to find her way in the afterlife. Starring Mark Whalberg and Rachel Weisz this is easily one of the most powerful and moving horror films of 2009.


#9 ) Hidden: I did not see Hidden myself it’s a foreign film that focuses on a man who inherits his mother’s home after her death and finds old memories and new tragedies rising up around him. Clearly a lot of you liked it considering its one of three foreign horror films that made the Top 10 of 2009.


#8) Dead Snow: Dead Snow is a throwback to better days in horror... namely the 80s and 90s. I love me some slapstick horror comedy and this film for me is a reminder of Sam Raimi’s horror roots and is a mix of Army of Darkness meets Fritt Vilt. Gruesome and hilarious Dead Snow is the ultimate in foreign-zombie-comedy-nazi movies.


#7) The Last House on the Left: I am a mixed bag on remakes. I find they are either really good or frankly just outright stink. Rarely is there any middle ground. Fortunately the Last House On the Left remake for me was an absolute treat. Much like the Dawn of the Dead , Let Me In and Crazies remakes Last House on The Left nails the mark perfectly. Dark, disturbing and at times difficult to watch The Last House on The Left is the ultimate revenge-thriller and a proper tribute to the original.


#6) The Orphan: I passed on The Orphan figuring it was another ghost faced girl movie and only after reading all the buzz in our community on the boards I decided to check it out. I completely agree with it making the top 10 but unfortunately for me somebody on our boards spoiled the entire movie for me without bothering to post a spoiler alert. So what could have been one of the best twist endings I had seen in awhile became an climatic at best. The Orphan is fantastic and if you have not seen it go check it out now. I assure you it will be worth it! To the person who spoiled it for me... I forgive you :)


#5) District 9: Normally when we vote as a community for a Top 10 list there are tons of movies that make the list and start the debate of ‘is it horror’ District 9 is the biggest fringe one on our list of Best Films of 2009. A truly fantastic action-scifi film from 2009 but to me... its just not horror. Yes its a great movie but after thinking on it for a year I don’t think its horror. That said I wont argue with the thousands who voted and said it is and made it the 5th best horror film of 2009!


#4) Rec 2: I have still not see any of the REC movies because in my neck of the woods nobody wants to carry them but it comes as absolutely no shock to me that REC 2 landed at #4. The writers and you the readers have raved about the REC films and even Hollywood jumped on the remake bandwagon. REC & REC 2 are considered to be some of the best foreign zombie movies ever made! Check them out I know I will be.


#3) Drag Me To Hell: Drag Me To Hell is Sam Raimi’s latest foray into horror and what I loved was the homage to his early films that is hidden throughout the movie. Although tamer than his early work like Evil Dead Drag Me To Hell is still a fantastic horror film with a great ending that for whatever reason caught me off guard and made me grin. In my books this will never be his best work but without a doubt it is definitely one of his most fun!


#2) ZombieLand: What can I say about Zombieland? I can really sum up this campy and fun zombie flick in two words and leave it at that. BAD ASS. If you did not see Zombieland you need to honestly revisit your passion for horror. A truly fantastic zombie film and one of the best since Shaun of the Dead!


#1) Trick R Treat : Michael Dougherty’s Trick R Treat is not just the best film of 2009 its the greatest anthology horror film since Creepshow. I am even willing to take a leap and say its BETTER then Creepshow. Dumped without ceremony direct to DVD at Halloween it is a movie that each and every horror fan MUST have in their collection. The fact you voted this film to #1 over Zombieland which was genius says it all. I completely agree that it’s the best film of 2009 and you all completely nailed it!


To see what other films made the Top Horror Films of 2009 click the link. You can also watch the trailers for the different films mentioned and of course... vote if you have not. There are alot of other great films that did not make the top 10 which are on the Top Horror Films of 2009 Complete List including Viggo Mortensens The Road, Mutants, Grace and more!

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