The Killer Shrews are Returning!


Way back in 1959 a little film was unleashed to the world, that film was titled The Killer Shrews or also known as The Attack of the Killer Shrews. The film gained many a negative review and is often on lists of the top worst films of all time.

Now I have never seen it (but I will) so I can't agree nor disagree, but surely something so bad has to be good, right? I mean the tag-line says it all "They had to eat 3 times their body weight... or STARVE!". Brilliant, also dogs were covered in extra hair with false teeth to portray the giant Shrews, genius. I would be nice to see the sequel retain some of these traits, hopefully no CGI will be involved.

Anyway, if you enjoyed this film then you will be pleased to know a sequel is on the way titled Return of the Killer Shrews, thanks to UndeadBackbrain. The sequel is being directed by Steve Latshaw and stars John Schneider, Jennifer Lyons and James Best (he played Thorne Sherman in the original). No news on a release date but hopefully more will be revealed soon.

The original film followed a group of people who get trapped on an island by a hurricane, while there a Doctor tries to make humans twice as small as they already are, to apparently prevent over population. Unfortunately he happens to make Shrews giant who run out of small animals to eat so they turn their attention to humans.

The synopsis for the sequel is an epically long essay, so check it out HERE.

Check out the poster for Return of the Killer Shrews below.

If like me, you haven't witnessed the original you can check out the entire movie below:

For more information check out their newly launched Facebook page.

What do you guys think?

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