Vote For Best Horror Films Of The Decade


Time for another big community vote and this go around its the top horror films of the last decade. You can vote as a registered member of our site or you can vote with your twitter or facebook account and in a few weeks time once you all vote we are going to announce The Best Horror Movies Of the Last Decade based entirely off YOUR votes.

When we did the Top 10 Horror Films of 2010 we got over 14,000 votes and I am sure that you horror gurus will vote like crazy. Voting is easy, you get 1 vote per film and your vote is what you thought of the film out of 10. So if you loved all the films rank em all 9 out of 10 or whatever you like. Every vote is averaged that results in the final Top List. So you dont vote things up or down you simply rate them out of 10 exactly how you think they were. Just for starters here are the current Top 20 Films of the Last Decade with voting just starting now.. keeping in mind that once you all start voting this will change massively ( or maybe it wont )! 

  1. Let The Right One IN
  2. Trick R treat
  3. REC
  4. Inside
  5. Shaun of the Dead
  6. Pans Labyrinth
  7. The Descent
  8. Zombieland
  9. Grindhouse
  10. 28 Weeks Later
  11. The Ring
  12. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
  13. Planet Terror
  14. 28 Days Later
  15. Drag me To Hell
  16. Martyrs
  17. Frailty
  18. The hills have eyes
  19. The Mist
  20. REC 2 

Voting is easy! Go Here and vote as you have time. Vote for every film you have seen. If a film is missing from the list registered members can go to their MORGUESPACE and add/vote for the film which will automatically put it in contention! Any questions ask please vote and tell your twitter and Facebook pals to vote as well! Lets see what you the horror community think are the best Horror Films of the last decade! 

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