Day of the Dead Contagium Controversial Name Change

Recently checking out Taurus Entertainment's Official website MacReady discovered something. Day of the Dead Contagium has now added the number "2" to the title. Now that sounds like they are now officially claiming this movie to be the sequel to Day of the Dead. I don't think they know how much that one number is going to hurt sales to their movie from hardcore fans to George Romero fans everywhere.

This film is set sometime in 1968 when a strange viral outbreak is contained within the walls of a military hospital in Pennsylvania: all those exposed are destroyed and burned to the ground. A wall of silence befalls the incidence, and soon enough only a vague myth remains.  The hospital becomes a civilian mental treatment center.

Got some questions or comments? Discuss it on the Day of the Dead Contagium thread. The Ex-Webmaster of the official site is a member of our site and often takes time to answer questions about the movie.


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