R.I.P. David F. Friedman 1923 - 2011


It comes with much regret that I inform you, that the legendary filmmaker/producer the true master of exploitation/sexploitation David F. Friedman sadly passed away yesterday (February 14, 2011) at 6:25 in the morning. According to the NYTimes, the cause of death was heart failure, unfortunately about ten years ago Mr. Friedman lost his hearing and his eyesight.

David F. Friedman has entertained audiences for years, his films filled with bare-breasted women and blood flowing so freely. He partnered with the director Herschell Gordon Lewis in the 60's and created a slew of films which adopted the genre name of "nudie-cuties".

Lewis and Freidman created one of the greatest splatter films of all time, being Blood Feast they also went on to create another favorite Two Thousand Maniacs! Among others. Friedman was also the producer of two of the first "Nazi exploitation" films being Love Camp 7 (1969) and Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS (1974) during these two films Friedman went under the name of Herman Traeger

During his career he earned two awards, one from the 'Adult Video News Awards' which he won the "Special Achievement Award" in 1998 and another from 'X-Rated Critics' Organization, USA' which he won the "XRCO Hall of Fame" in 1985. David Friedman, more recently was featured in the documentary Mau Mau Sex Sex (2001) in which he starred alongside his business partner Dan Sonney. David F. Friedman produced so many films over the years and had an incredible career in the film industry, he was loved by many and will never be forgotten, his legacy will continue to live on through his films. R.I.P. buddy I'll be having a marathon this weekend of your films to celebrate your life, you are so sorely missed.

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