Lionsgate Film: Highwaymen Added!

Doing my daily snoop I stumbled on a very cool Lionsgate Film "Highwaymen". In Highwaymen Jim Caviezel is the self appointed avenger of his wifeís murder in Highwaymen, an edge-of-your-seat, action thriller available on DVD and VHS from New Line Home Entertainment.

Robert Harmon, director of the cult shocker "The Hitcher", crafts a complex tale of rampage on the open highway highlighted by intense action, fast cars and mile-a-minute thrills.

Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ, Frequency) is Rennie Cray, a man hell-bent on avenging his wifeís death by a murderous driver. James Fargo (Colm Feore) is the chilling killer whose body has been reduced to a combination of human parts, prosthetics, straps and harnesses.

Creative retrofits have transformed his 1972 Cadillac into an extension of his own body, a killing machine that he uses to torture and taunt unsuspecting motorists on the highways of America. Also on the case is a traffic investigator who recognizes that Cray, in his obsession to stop Fargo, is starting to blur the line between right and wrong. When one of his victims survives an attack, Fargo becomes fixated, making her the bait in a chillingly dangerous cat-and-mouse game that culminates in an explosive showdown.

Co-starring with Caviezel are Rhona Mitra (TVís The Practice, Sweet Home Alabama), Colm Feore (Paycheck, The Chronicles of Riddick) and Frankie Faison (Red Dragon, the upcoming White Chicks). 

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