Trailer for Apollo 18 Lands


I went to Space Camp when I was in the 8th Grade (ranks second as one of the most awesome school field trips ever, first is a trip to the Bahamas) and at the time I was digging maybe going into NASA and becoming an astronaut.  Well, if Apollo 18 does for NASA what Friday the 13th did for Summer Camp...I think there's gonna be a very small crop of the next bunch of astronauts.  

Apple has picked up the trailer for the found footage film Apollo 18; which details the events of the unofficial final mission to the moon.  I'm not too big on found footage films, few really work for me; I just find many of them to be bland.  However the footage displayed here, my interest is certainly peaked.  I do enjoy a good siege film and this seems to have elements of a siege along with the usual alien stuff.  Thankfully unlike another certain found-footage film; I do not believe the ending is spoiled in the trailer.   Produced by Timur Bekmabetov (Night Watch, Wanted) and directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (King of the Hill) Apollo 18 is due to hit theaters on April 22, 2011.  

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