John Davis to Open a 'Zombie Pet Shop'


Well, just the name Zombie Pet Shop has my imagination running wild, which is set to be an animated film shot in 3D. According to Variety, John Davis' The Animation Film Company has purchased E.L. Katz's original screenplay for the picture.

Davis will be producing the animated feature alongside Brian Manis, Ash Shah, Dan Chuba and Mark Dippe. 

So what does Zombie Pet Shop involve? Well, the animals at a local pet shop are mutated after a mysterious plague sweeps through the town and turns all the animals into zombies. But lucky for them, there is an ordinary pug by the name of Joey, who comes to their rescue as he tries to find the antidote to save his friends and the human owners.

Okay, so its for kids, but we are all big kids at heart aren't we? This sounds cool to me, animated 3D zombie pets, I'll be taking my son to the cinema to see this one when it hits.

E.L. Katz who wrote the screenplay for Zombie Pet Shop, recently had a hand in penning the script for Lionsgate's upcoming film Dibbuk Box.

What do you guys think?

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