Hellraiser Remake Not a Direct Remake?


Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer the guys behind the upcoming Nic Cage fronted film, Drive Angry 3D, which hits theatres tomorrow, recently caught up with the guys over at STYD and revealed a little as to where they will be taking the Hellraiser remake.

Now as much as I hate the thought of someone remaking such a film as Hellraiser it comes as some consolation to know it may not be a direct sequel after all.

Lussier told STYD; "To go in and tell the story of Frank and the family wouldn't be right," added Lussier. "What we went in to pitch with at Dimension was to come at it from a different angle, but go into the same world and see things you haven't been able to see in the other movies. There have been so many films, how can we make this one different?" 

Also the remake or maybe its a reboot now will be rated-R in which Lussier hints there will NOT be a happy ending.

One question I have is, will Doug Bradley be returning to reprise his role, unlike the upcoming sequel Hellraiser: Revelations?

What do you guys think?

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