Lost Boys 4 and TV Show on the Horizon?


The Lost Boys, back in the day started off so well, it became a genre classic to many and I'm sure many were waiting anxiously for a sequel, but when it arrived, apprently it wasn't a return to form.

I haven't seen Lost Boys: The Tribe or Lost Boys: The Thirst, but I've heard they are nothing in comparison to the 1987 film.

Well according to Bloody-Disgusting it looks like Warner Premiere are very close to announcing a Lost Boys 4, which would once again see Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog.

Also B-D have confirmed that a Lost Boys TV series is in the works, although there is nothing to go on at the moment, I'm sure if it is in fact happening, details will be released soon.

What do you guys think? Do you welcome another sequel? How about a Lost Boys TV Series? 

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