Resident Evil 5 Release Date.. Oh Yeah!


I am a huge fan of the first Resident Evil movie. I bought it for $4.00 and to this day it is one of my favorite films. Admittedly the sequels are drivel if we dont count Resident Evil 3D which was actually a damn fine demonstration of the proper use of James Camerons new 3D Camera technology.

From MoviesOnline comes word that the 5th installment of Resident Evil which we all knew was coming will finally land on September 14th of 2012. No doubt this one to will be in 3D and Milla Jovovich will definitely return. The question is whether Paul WS Anderson will return but my money is on the fact that he will.

What say you are you excited for a 5th film in the Resident Evil film franchise? I think its getting a bit thin but admit I am interested in seeing what a potential fifth film might look like.  

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