Three New Scream of the Banshee Images Surface


Steven C. Miller's Scream of the Banshee looks set to kick a lot of ass, and suddenly Syfy seem to be aiming a bit higher when it comes to the films they produce and air. I remember when Goon first posted the poster HERE for the film, which looked freaking hot, especially for a banshee! 

Well thanks to the guys over at STYD we have three new images from Miller's upcoming film, check them out below and remember to mark the date March 26th, as that is when Scream of the Banshee will air on the Syfy channel at 9pm ET/PT. Which also marks the 200th Saturday Original Movie.

Synopsis: "When a college professor opens up a strange, ornate box discovered in the basement of a university, she and her students hear a horrifying scream belonging to that of a bloodthirsty banshee. They think nothing of it until that scream begins to haunt all that heard it in strange and surreal ways. According to Irish lore, if you hear a banshee scream, you will die – which is what begins happening to them one by one as the creature starts taking their lives…"

Scream of the Banshee is directed by Steven C. Miller and stars the absolute legend that is, Lance Henriksen and Lauren Holly (Turbulence).

What do you guys think? 

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