Cannibalistic Found Footage Film The Locals


Well this is a mouthful, what we have here is a cannibalistic, slasher, found footage flick The Locals, now this isn't to be confused with the 2003 film, which has the same title. This is a whole different monster which sounds good to me and thanks to their Facebook page we have a synopsis and early casting info which looks good so far.

Synopsis: "Set in 1987, and told through the lens of 2 VHS camcorders,“The Locals” is a ferocious and merciless tale of the devastation of a group of young filmmakers who venture into the central California wilderness to film a shot on video slasher movie and soon find themselves systematically crippled, butchered and devoured by a family of feral cannibals who live in the woods nearby."

The Locals is written & directed by Eric Pereira and starDevanny Pinn, Danny Lopes, Angelina Armani, Angie Savage, Brandon Slagle, Tawny Amber Young, Ryan L. Gilmore, Elske McCain, Erik Preston, Asia Schneider, Bree Essrig, Matthew Evilsizor and Greg Duke. 

WetWork Media and Clear water Productions will be producing the feature, which is said to begin principle photography in late March, with a hopeful summer 2011 premiere.

What do you guys think? 

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