Beastly Holds It's Own


After having a few delays the modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Beastly finally saw it's release this past weekend.  BoxOfficeMojo has the estimates and I don't think there was much surprise in it not taking number one, the Johnny Depp/Gore Verbinski team-up Rango netted that with $38million.  The Matt Damon led Adjustment Bureau (which also faced some reshuffling) came in second with $20.9million.

Considering it was facing down Depp and Damon, Beastly held it's own with $10.1million, enough to give it third place for the weekend.  While not a high number all things considered it didn't do as badly as it could/should have and since the movie cost an estimated $17million, after international and video sales it should be a minor success.  Meanwhile Drive Angry took a tumble from last week to thirteenth place with $2.1million; bringing it's domestic total to $9million.  

This weekend sees the release of Red Riding Hood and Battle: Los Angeles; which is not to be confused with The Asylum's Battle of Los Angeles which makes it's Syfy debut on Saturday night at 9pm.  Black Death also opens in NYC.

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