Clarification On Ninjas VS Vampires Director


Good friend of the site and director of the Deadlands series has contacted us about some misinformation that has been spreading online. Rather than hearing me summarize what he said we'll give you the full response to this below from the man himself:

Many horror and media sites are incorrectly crediting me as a co-director on Ninjas VS. Vampires. My role on the film was that of Guest Director, similar to what Quentin Tarantino did on Sin City.

Endlight Entertainment asked me to come on board and direct a few sequences, which amounted to about TWO (2) separate scenes within the film.

I directed the scene between the characters Reefer, played by the films real director Justin Timpane, and Aaron, played by Jay Saunders. The other scene contains a character spoiler so I will not give it away at this time.

I spent one day on set and I had a great time and was happy to be asked to come aboard and help Justin and Company reach their goal of finishing NvV on schedule.

Because everyone is relying on the Main Page IMDB information it looks as if I was a co-director, and truly to see the GUEST DIRECTOR information you must click on Full Cast & Crew Details to see the extra Attribute information noting me as a guest director. This was causing some mis-information to be published on the web, giving me more credit that I truly didn't deserve, and taking away the CREDIT Justin really deserved because he did in fact direct 99.99% of the film.

So just for clarification, I only directed what amounts to maybe 2 minutes of total running time, but I was glad to help out friends and indie filmmakers.

Gary Ugarek


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