Robocop is Nearly Back in Action


The cyborg that is Robocop is getting one step closer to being back online, OCP and Robocop will once again try to stop anarchy in Detroit. Well that is if the reboot will still have Detroit as its location. But anyway Variety has reported that Josh Zetumer (Dune) will pen the reboot of Robocop for the revitalized MGM.

Also they have confirmed that Jose Padilha has signed on to direct the reboot, it's still too early to tell how they will handle the reboot, whether they will try to keep the ultra-violence of the original or take a more PG-13 route with the inevitable 3D.

Hopefully, its the ultra violence we will be seeing, but in all fairness, do we need another reboot? Isn't Robocop good enough as it is, I mean it still looks awesome to this day.

It will be interesting to see who will play Robocop, as Peter Weller donned the cyborg outfit in the original and the 1990's sequel.

In actual Detroit news, there are plans to have a 7-foot iron replica of Robocop built in Detroit, Michigan if $50,000 can be raised, you can help the cause by visiting DetroitNeedsRobocop. They have in fact surpassed their goal of $50,000 to a staggering $64,919 but any other donations will be helpful I'm guessing, with this money they could create an actual Robocop to roam the streets.

What do you guys think?

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