The Wolfman Set for Home Video in Another Reboot?


What is this? A reboot of a reboot, okay I know Hollywood has lost all originality but seriously, why another reboot?

According to Bloody-Disgusting Universal Pictures' are calling out to writers to pen a period piece reboot of the 1941 George Waggner classic, which starred Lon Chaney Jr. as The Wolfman

Although with this reboot, they are aiming for a straight to home video release, but what about the make-up effects artists, Rick Baker and Dave Elsey who won an Oscar at this year's Academy Awards, will they be returning?

Now I don't know what Joe Johnston's Wolfman reboot was like, which starred Benicio Del Toro, it seemed to have torn genre fans in two, you either like it or hate it, or that's how it seems to me. 

Again, a reboot of a reboot... why?

What do you guys think?

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