More Reality Horror with EXORCISM


It's never good idea to recreate an exorcism... but hell, I'm not there, so no harm to me.. BRING IT ON!

Directed by Lance Patrick and produced by Innovate Films, I believe Exorcism is hoping to do what Eli Roth's "The Last Exorcism" failed to do.. which is one: be a good movie and two: scare the devil out (or in) you.

Synopsis: In 1963 a young woman was possessed by a demon claiming to be the Devil, a local priest was requested by the girl’s mother to perform an Exorcism. No one knows what became of them.

50 years later a group of filmmakers attempt to recreate the Exorcism but they are not prepared for the horror they will encounter. Captured on behind the scenes camera we the audience are now able to see these disturbing and unexplained events leading to the film crew’s final hour.

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