Edit Your Own Priest 3D Trailer


I'm still on the fence about Priest 3D; the trailers and the storyline are intriguing but not enough to make me really hyped about seeing it.  For those who aren't impressed with the trailer, Sony is giving you a chance to edit your own version of it and submit it for a chance to win a trip to the film's premier.  Just go check out their Facebook page and start editing; footage, sound effects, wild dialogue, and music are provided.

I spent a while playing with it; I'm gonna pop back at it but I found some issues with the system.  I'm not a fan of the grab and drop method of splicing footage like Final Cut Pro, I use Avid Media Composer and prefer a simple button press to splice in footage.  My second complaint is the inability to cut the footage when you want to; all of the footage provided is an amalgam of the trailers, theres no inpoint-outpoint method so you cannot select a single section of a clip and then limited in what you can do.  Third, the song 1000 Ships of the Underworld by Two Steps From Hell, which has appeared in every trailer for Priest, is absent.  

Then again that's just me nitpicking as someone whose a film student and rather have far more control over the footage than offered.  I've wanted to try to cut trailers, so I'll be looking at it again over spring break.  Even so, it's amusing and will entertain some folks.  The contest ends on March 31 and Priest 3D is released May 13.

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