Mutilation is the Flavor of the Day in Ghost: The Cinderella


Here we are again, from the good folks over in Thailand we have yet another ghost story, with a dollop of the red stuff and mutilation, torture and black magic thrown in for good measure.

With much thanks to the guys over at 24FPS we have some early info, along with a poster, teaser trailer and a synopsis to take a gander at. Ghost: The Cinderella is helmed by Sarawak Intaraprom (The Snow White) which has me hooked from the first few seconds of the teaser, check it out below.

Synopsis: "On a movie set a hot-tempered superstar named Rashane has a quarrel with several members of the movie crew. The quarrel leads to the unexpected death of Rashane, but the horror doesn’t end there, when Rashane's corpse is summoned from the grave to get his bloody revenge."  

Ghost: The Cinderella opens in Thailand this April. No word as to whether this will be released Internationally.

What do you guys think?

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