What! Hellraiser: Revelations Opening Tonight!?


So, no marketing, no promotion... is there at least a poster? Well according to STYD Hellraiser: Revelations and Children of the Corn: Genesis are opening tonight at the Rave 18 in Culver City.

To me , this just seems so bizarre, but then they both went into production so quietly with hardly anything being released, but surely something to let fans know its opening?

Well, anyway if you happen to live in Culver City, Children of the Corn is playing at 7pm and Hellraiser is playing at 9pm. They both seem to be playing for just one night only, check out the listings HERE.

If you live in Culver City, head on down to Rave Motion Pictures 18 and check these out or if this is even true, it just seems so bizarre.

The theatre is situated at, 6081 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA.

Children of the Corn: Genesis was helmed by Joel Soisson and Hellraiser: Revelations was helmed by Victor Garcia.

What do you guys think? 

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