Now Online: The Zombie Saga

The fantastic zombie site UndeadFilms which I am a proud member of is reporting that The Zombie Saga slated to come out in October 2005 now has a site online.

"The Year is 2007, A few years ago , a rash of killings in a small town, turned into a world wide disaster, the dead were coming back to life, they would bite or kill thier victim's and eat thier flesh, and no one knew how to stop them or where they came from,the goverment saw the problem getting out of control, and took action, nuclear action.Thinking narrowley that they could simply "clean up the problem" the military started the H.A.C.K.E.R. Alliance a group with a sole task, wipe out the undead.Everything fell apart fast, the hacker alliance is in shambles as well as the world, for even all the military might in the world could not stop this plauge of evil.There are a few groups of survivors who make thier daily chore dealing with the fact that the undead are hear to stay , by conditioning them selfs to adapt to the new world, they scavange and run from place to place , gathering supplys and weapons for a hope of a better tomarrow, this is a story of one such group and thier fight to keep humanity alive,for the undead have no face, no enemy just death as thier friend, hell is their playing feild and we are the cattle."

To check out the official site for The Zombie Saga, click here. To check out the cool folks at UndeadFilms go here and tell them you are there for their "brrrraiiins" :)

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