Batman Begins: New Photos of ScareCrow & Batman in Flight

More news on Batman has just come my way.. Apparently Newsweek got a inside look at the movie and a nice little photo of Batman and the Scarecrow....

"As exhaustively as the "Batman" legend has been told on film and TV, one chapter has never received comprehensive treatment: the first one. As a boy, Bruce Wayne sees his parents murdered before his eyes and dedicates his life to avenging them. But how, and why, does he become Batman? Where do the suit and cape come from? (Burton's film glossed over these questions.) Or, as Nolan puts it, "How did this guy who has no superpowers acquire all of these capabilities? He lives in the real world—-it's sort of New York on steroids, but it's our world." Nolan pored over 65 years of comics and came up with this story: after a long exile, Wayne, now a 25-year-old scion, returns to Gotham City intent on kicking criminal butt. His family's military subcontracting business, Wayne Enterprises, has been seized by shareholders, who've relegated the company's most ambitious designs—and their inventor, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman)—to the scrapheap. Wayne befriends Fox, using his designs to create an alter ego. And not a moment too soon because, naturally, there's a villain on the loose named the Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy of "28 Days Later"), who's hellbent on poisoning all of Gotham. It's a comic-book tale, but Nolan promises that "Batman Begins," which also stars Liam Neeson (Ducard) and Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon), won't look anything like a comic-book movie. In contrast to the gothic fantasia of Burton's creation, Nolan has opted for gritty urban realism."

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